McLaren Artura in North Carolina

McLaren Artura in North Carolina

It is a car unlike any other that has come before. Drivers know McLaren as an automaker that pushes innovation. Their cars consistently set new standards. Now, McLaren is changing everything. Meet the Artura, McLaren’s first hybrid supercar. As quick and fast as any car in the world, this new supercar is special. Undoubtedly, it ranks as one of the finest performance vehicles in the world. Equipped with the best available technology, McLaren designed a car that represents the future of driving. As a result, the Artura stands out from the crowd. Ready for an all-new world of driving, the Artura has enthusiasts excited. Learn how you can find the McLaren Artura in North Carolina. Inquire at McLaren Charlotte today.

McLaren Artura Green

A New Kind of McLaren

Unsurprisingly, the McLaren Artura has the capabilities to rival any sports car in the world. Like other vehicles in McLaren’s lineup, the Artura boasts lots of innovation. However, this car represents an entirely new level. With its hybrid system, the Artura can accomplish driving feats never before possible. Already, it has received praise as one of the most powerful production hybrids ever. Still, it will maintain McLaren’s signature driving experience. The Artura is the start of a new era, not just for McLaren, but for all supercars.

When it hits the streets, the Artura will set a new standard for hybrid vehicle performance. This begins with the all-new electric engine. Lightweight but powerful, it supercharges the McLaren Artura. This 3.0-liter V6 engine was developed specifically for this new model. As the first McLaren to feature this engine, the Artura will serve as a look into the automaker’s future. One of its most impressive characteristics is the combination of lightweight and speed. When combined with the electric motor, the results are amazing.

Signature McLaren Performance

With the Artura coming to McLaren dealerships later in 2021, the early reviews already sound impressive. Most of all, the incredible performance specs have enthusiasts excited. The twin-turbo engine has a total output of 577 horsepower and 431 lb-ft of torque. In addition, electric driving technology provides even greater power. When using the electric motor in tandem with the engine, the Artura’s output reaches 671 horses. With this much muscle packed into the lightweight body, the Artura will reach exhilarating speeds.

Based on McLaren’s current projections, the Artura will accelerate from 0-60 mph in 3.0 seconds or less. Additionally, the top speed is projected to reach over 200 miles per hour. Along with this, responsive handling will make drivers feel like they have even greater control. Essentially, the Artura combines McLaren performance standards with the benefits of an electric motor. Thanks to this unique list of capabilities, drivers will love the new McLaren Artura.

McLaren Artura in North Carolina

Designed for Speed and Efficiency

McLaren engineers and designers knew they could get even more performance from the Artura. It was not enough to load the car with a powerful engine and hybrid technology. Additionally, McLaren knew the design had to complement the engineering. Therefore, Artura employs revolutionary aerodynamics. Every detail has a purpose. It is highly functional, but also aesthetically beautiful. After hundreds of hours of testing, the reduced drag allows the Artura to reach its full potential.

The sleek and sporty design not only looks great, but it also has numerous benefits. Taking inspiration from other McLaren supercars, the Artura further improves aerodynamics. Airflow became the designer’s top priority. Therefore, performance optimization reaches new heights. The Artura’s low wheelbase allows it to ride close to the ground. All unnecessary shut lines and joins were removed to make the body as smooth as possible. For every detail and challenge, McLaren forged an innovative solution.

The Artura’s Cutting-Edge Technology

Throughout the Artura, new features and upgrades stand out. Loaded with technical innovation, drivers can get the most out of their McLaren Artura. Improved features include the revamped propulsion system and hybrid battery pack. Among the most important new features is the McLaren Carbon Fiber Lightweight Architecture. This keeps the car’s curb weight to just over 3,300 lbs.

There is plenty of technology for drivers to enjoy inside the Artura as well. The domain-based ethernet electrical architecture ensures that all components work together. This includes the heating, ventilation, and air condition, all with fantastic efficiency. Overall, the Artura has 25% less cabling than other McLaren models, promoting quicker processing.

McLaren Artura Night Side View

The McLaren Artura: For Drivers

When driving the McLaren Artura, drivers will feel the full benefit of the technological upgrades. As a result, they will experience a drive that is completely connected with the road. Adjusting the powertrain and handling is as easy as pushing a button. The car delivers an immersive experience in which performance comes first and foremost. When behind the wheel, the difference is impossible to ignore. This car commands attention and will reignite a deep passion for driving. Simultaneously, it is a novel thrill, yet purely McLaren.

Finally, McLaren fitted the Artura with the latest driver-assist features. Simply put, the Arutra makes sure that drivers always receive the best possible experience. Handle long stretches of the open road with ease thanks to Adaptive Cruise Control. To promote safety, features like Lane-Departure Warning and High-Beam Assist keep the car aware of its surroundings. Furthermore, Over-The-Air software updates add convenience and keep the Artura constantly connected.

Find the McLaren Artura in North Carolina

Now available online, the Artura is already receiving tremendous interest. To find the McLaren Artura in North Carolina, there is only one place to go. Contact McLaren Charlotte for more information about the Artura today. You can view the car under our selection of new inventory. From there, you can get an E-price and view more details. Be among the first to drive this ground-breaking car that promises to set new standards. With the Arutra, drivers can get a first glimpse at the future of McLaren.

McLaren Artura Red

About McLaren Charlotte

To register your interest in the new McLaren Artura, visit our dealership. McLaren Charlotte is a factory-authorized dealership. That makes us an authority on all things McLaren. From a leading inventory of new supercars to a highly qualified service center. Come to us to learn more about the Artura and other exciting McLaren models. Our sales team can help you find the McLaren Artura in North Carolina. Contact McLaren Charlotte today.

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